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Jan 31

Brewcology: FastFerment -> Bouncer -> Bottle

Caleb Hendershott from Brewcology. Bottling a Vanilla Cream Ale with the Classic Bouncer from the FastFerment directly into bottles. 

Jan 22

The Brew-Q Review!

Nice review using a Bouncer with the Catalyst conical fermenter from The Brew-Q

Jun 26

Brewmaster Jerry Uses the Blue Screen

Jun 16

Home Brew Con 2017 Minneapolis

Apr 21

Bouncers in Norway!

Brewshop Norway

Our new dealer:  Brewshop Norway

Apr 21

Mac Daddy Bouncer release

Mac Daddy Bouncer

Feb 26

Bouncer in New Zealand!

Shipped the first bouncer to a customer in New Zealand, near Wellington.

Feb 06

500 units sold!

Today we broke 500 units sold with an order from our top dealer, Long Island Homebrew.

Jan 03

Brewing with BOUNCER #1: Boil Day!

Jan 27

Brewing with Bouncer #2: Kegging Day

Jan 23

Bouncer achieves #2 Sales Rank on Amazon in Brewing Accessories Category

After hovering in the top 10 for several weeks, we hit #2 today. Also doing very well in the bigger Home & Kitchen category!

Jan 09

Bouncer achieves #3 Sales Rank on Amazon in Brewing Accessories Category

Dec 07

Bouncer MD Inline Beer Filter Review – The Mac Daddy!

From our friend Jerry at AdventuresinHomebrewing.beer

Dec 07

Bouncer Inline Beer Filter Review

From our friend Jerry at AdventuresinHomebrewing.beer

Dec 08

First regular bouncer sold in Canada

Nov 29

Long Island Homebrew becomes a dealer

Nov 22

Wilmington Homebrew Supply

Our first dealer!

Nov 13

First regular bouncer sold to a consumer

Oct 04

1800 Facebook Page Likes

Sep 23

Bouncers arrive at Packager

Sep 21

Bouncer.beer website goes live

Sep 13

First order placed with manufacturer

Aug 27

Cease talks with national distributor

This was the day we officially decided to distribute to homebrew supply stores ourselves.

Aug 16

1000 Facebook page likes

Jul 28

300 likes on Bouncer FB page

Jul 11

First Facebook ads go live

Jul 08

First product pics in packaging mockups

Jun 30

Official mailing address

Bouncer LLC
PO Box 1163
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

Apr 18

Packaging Mockups

Mar 28

Packaging artwork approved

Oct 12

One-take crowdfunding pitch video

We talked for a long time about crowd funding this project through kickstarter.

Sep 15

Early t-shirt / web-page mockup

Carol really nailed the style on this one. Minor adds, and it was ready for publishing.

Aug 12

Packager setback

Our packager had legal issues with our initial supply chain plans. This ended up being solved later when we decided to remove some parts of the supply chain.

Jun 20

Early t-shirt designs

May 26

UPC Barcodes purchased

May 16

“Maybe we need a bouncer facebook page”

Quote on facebook design group group post:

BTW, Teem, we probably need a Bouncer facebook page. I’ll look into that.

May 08

Early packaging option

Mar 17

bouncer.beer domain purchased

Mar 07

Kegging a bock with different gauge screens

This was a “mock bock” using a kolsch yeast, going from the fermenter into the keg. I was really surprised at how much I pulled out, because the beer was really very clear.

50 gauge screen

20 gauge screen

Mar 07

Brew buddy Jeff, the posterchild