Sponsorships 2023

Hoptoberfest 2023

The annual Hoptoberfest Competition is back! The Down East Alers will once again be hosting this event in the illustrious eastern part of North Carolina.  This competition is a AHA/BJCP sanctioned event #209805 and is part of the Southeastern Homebrewers Association 2023 Schedule. 


This will be an all encompassing competition that runs all year long with multiple types of brewing contests incorporating

  • BJCP-style specific competitions

  • Iron Brewer ingredient-based challenges

  • Peoples/Brewers Choice Beer Festivals

The difference this year is this is a points-based competition rather than single elimination tournaments we typically have had in the past. Our goal is to encourage homebrewers to try new styles and techniques, stretch their skills and have opportunities to brew for club competitions and community throughout the entire year. 



Thanks and Good Luck to All Who Entered the Blue Ridge Brew-Off!

There are 250 registered entries and 106 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

This competition is AHA sanctioned and open to any amateur homebrewer age 21 or older.



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Thank you for your interest in the UNYHA’S 45th Annual Homebrew Competition! organized by Upstate New York Homebrewers Association.