We like the idea of brewers walking in to their local brew supply store for ingredients and equipment. It’s not just a place to buy stuff. It’s a place to gain and share knowledge, see what others are doing, and be part of a community.

But not everyone is fortunate enough to have a brew supply store nearby.

For your convenience, here are online dealers by Region and Country, with direct links to our products on their online shop. Happy Brewing 🙂

 The Northeast

Maryland Homebrew, Columbia, MD

Keystone Home Brew Supply (Pennsylvania)

The Southeast

Atlantic Brew Supply, Raleigh, NC

The West

TheHomebrewerSD ( San Diego)

The Midwest

  • coming soon

The Southwest

Hoppin Grape Homebrew Supply, Webster, TX


NB Craft Brewers Market, Rothesay, New Brunswick


  • coming soon


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New Zealand

distributed by iMake


Brewshop, Norway


Malt Magnus AB, Sweden

United Kingdom

BrewUK, UK