Can I use this if I bottle? Will this filter out the yeast?

Yes, you can use this if you bottle. No it will not filter out the yeast.

The filter that comes with the Bouncer is 20 gauge (915 microns), which will not filter out the yeast.

What does get filtered out:

  • larger particles
    • hops
    • crusty krausen chunks
    • clumps of spent yeast
    • your stud earring that you dropped in the fermenter ­čÖé
  • smaller particles
    • sediment
    • proteins

The smaller particles are more effectively filtered as the larger particles build up in the filter.

On some beers, we have seen gelatin-like clear goo line the inside of the filter. This appears to be proteins that stick to the stainless steel mesh. This material was completely invisible to the naked eye in the beer.

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